“You could hear a pin drop. Erin had 544 girls completely mesmerized by her storytelling.

After taking about 20 minutes worth of questions, the school day was over, but our students simply wouldn’t leave.”

Jennifer Demert
Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, Head of School



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Screening + Q&A 

Dream, Girl Film Screening (62 min) alongside a Q&A

One of my favorite parts of this journey is being able to connect with audiences around the world, hear back their unique entrepreneurial journeys, and be able to share what I've learned along the way. 

Pricing: $5K (outside of NYC + travel and accommodations)



A Gal’s Guide to Making a Movie: Filmmaking 101 | Erin will bring her audience on a journey from ideation and production to launch and distribution. As the founder, director, editor, and producer of Dream, Girl, no one is closer to the film’s creative process than Erin and she can speak directly from her own experience to dispel some of the myths around what it takes to make a feature-length film.

Crowdfunding + Branding Your Business | In August 2014, Erin launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $100K in 30 days to start production on Dream, Girl. In this workshop, Erin will share her tips and tricks for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign and discuss the pitfalls and challenges that lie in the fundraising process.

Money Myths | Empowering women financially is central to the Dream, Girl movement. In this workshop, Erin will help attendees work through some of the hangups and problematic narratives they have about money and abundance to lead to breakthroughs in their business and lives.

The Importance of Women Sharing Their Stories | Erin’s passion for female-centric storytelling and narratives that see women embody their full humanity is a driving force behind her work as a filmmaker. In this workshop, Erin will discuss the importance of women owning their experiences, sharing them with their tribe and will provide information on how best to share a story and when to tell others about your experiences.

Pricing: $7K (outside of NYC + travel and accommodations)



Women Investing in Women (dissecting money narratives): Erin can speak directly to how she evolved her business into a revenue-generating distribution company with the financial backing of angel investors and Kickstarter supporters. She seeks to debunk the damaging money narratives we have and empower women in their financial pursuits.

Following Your Dreams + Creativity (the steps you take to follow your dream and my journey as a filmmaker): Erin will discuss the importance of connecting with creativity to achieve your goals and how staying true to her high dream saw her through the ideation process to produce Dream, Girl.

Feminism + Women in Business (from being sexually harassed to finding empowerment through your business): Managing self-care, imposter syndrome, and the responsibilities of managing a company can be overwhelming, especially for women. As a founder, Erin can discuss the unique experiences women face in business and how we can overcome the hurdles in our way to ultimately thrive in our industries.

Pricing: $10K (outside of NYC + travel and accommodations)

The film is motivational, and it’s great to see such a diverse group of female entrepreneurs and role models in the film. The best part of the night was having Erin there for Q&A after the film. The audience had so many questions for Erin that we had to cut them off or we never would have gone home – that’s how engaging she was! Thank you, Erin, for making our event a night that will be remembered for years to come!
— Angela M. Buck | Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP


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