Feminist Turned Filmmaker

Erin Bagwell is a new mom, filmmaker, and feminist writer residing in Brooklyn, New York. In 2013 she founded Feminist Wednesday, a feminist storytelling blog. In the summer of 2014 she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $100,000 in funding to produce her first feature length film Dream, Girl. In May 2016, Dream, Girl screened at the White House as part of the United State of Women Summit followed by a sold out screening at the iconic Paris Theater in New York City.

Erin’s story has been featured in Forbes, TED, Vogue, and The Washington Post and she was named one of Oprah’s SuperSoul100 a list featuring extraordinary individuals that live life intentionally, create great social impact, and bring inspiration to others. Most recently, Erin was featured in Apple’s Behind the Mac campaign, highlighting some of the most creative people in Brooklyn.

In 2017, Erin was selected to be part of the American Film Showcase, which is part of the U.S. Department of State in coordination with U.S. embassies and consulates. They send American documentarians on trips to various countries around the globe to engage with audiences. Through her work with the Showcase, Erin travelled to Tajikistan and Egypt to screen Dream, Girl, lead filmmaking workshops, and talk about the power of gender identity in the media.

Back at home, Erin co-hosts a weekly podcast called BeaverTalk with Diana Matthews, where they give Hollywood unsolicited advice about feminism. Episodes are released every Feminist Wednesday.









The podcast where we give Hollywood unsolicited advice about feminism.

In our world Ava DuVernay has already won an Oscar for best director, Reese Witherspoon doesn’t need to make her own production company to get roles, and Oprah Winfrey is the only celebrity worthy enough to be president.

Join Diana Matthews and I as we deep dive into all the things that fire us up about film and television- the glorious, the misogynistic, and the groundbreaking.

Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or where ever you get your podcasts. New episodes drop every Feminist Wednesday. Produced by The Atlantic Transmission Podcast Network.



A Gal’s Guide to Making a Movie

Making a documentary is a process that can’t be done without a lot of heart- and a lot of stories along the way.

From launching the film on Kickstarter and making $100K in 30 days, to restarting the film once seeing our first cut, to being recognized by Oprah, to navigating my co-founder getting cancer, to premiering the film at Obama’s White House.

In just three years Dream, Girl took us on an extraordinary journey my team and I will never ever forget.

This is 21-part written series is the behind the scenes story of the making of Dream, Girl.