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While working 9 to 5, I felt the doldrums of corporate America eating away at my soul. But outside of work, I poured my heart into telling the stories of inspiring women on my blog, Feminist Wednesday. My lifelong dream was to make a feature length film, and I realized I could combine my two passions by making a film about the amazing women I was meeting. So fueled by coffee, a drive to change the world, and a feminist agenda, I quit my job to launch a Kickstarter campaign that raised $100K in 30 days. Dream, Girl, the documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs, was born.

The film’s mantra is that you don't need permission to follow your dreams. There is no formula for success, no blueprint to guide you; there’s just a tiny voice inside you, telling you dream big. We want you to listen to it. I did – and my life has changed forever.



My first feature length documentary that premiered at the White House. Dream, Girl showcases the stories of inspiring & ambitious female entrepreneurs.

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e-book: Creative Money

From de-tangling yourself emotionally from the work, to finding your customer, to what happens when someone doesn’t want to pay you- I give you the step by step sales process through the eyes and soul of a fellow artist in my new 70 page e-book Creative Money.

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My speaker resume includes The White House, NASA, and Microsoft just to name a few. I love attending screenings and working with businesses, schools, and communities committed to uplifting and showcasing women's stories.



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