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Two days into the production of my first feature-length documentary Dream, Girl I sat down to share what it meant to be on set, raise $100K on Kickstarter to make the film, and how knowing yourself can be the most powerful tool to following your dreams.



Hi, I'm Erin!

I'm a Brooklyn-based filmmaker, feminist blogger, podcast host, and artist. I premiered my first film at the White House and am part of Oprah's #SuperSoul100.

The best compliment I ever received was when someone told me I reminded them of Lisa Simpson's older sister.



My first feature length documentary that premiered at the White House. Dream, Girl showcases the stories of inspiring & ambitious female entrepreneurs.

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Dream, Girl

Dream, Girl is my first feature length film that I produced, directed, wrote, and edited. 


Feminist Wednesday

Feminist Wednesday is feminist storytelling community, powered by beavers that I founded in the summer of 2014. 


Your Moment of Ambition

Your Moment of Ambition is a web series I directed and edited featuring footage from Dream, Girl that was too good to leave on the cutting room floor.


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Speaking & Events

Book a screening of my award winning documentary Dream, Girl and have a Q&A after the film about inclusivity, gender, and women in leadership.

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Listen to my new podcast, BeaverTalk!

Hear me and my co-host Diana Matthews give Hollywood unsolicited advice about feminism. 

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Read my new e-book Creative Money

Selling your work as an artist can be complicated and sometimes even painful- let me arm you with the tools you need to crush your sales process and bring you work into the world.

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