Sell like an artist.

Selling your work as an artist can be complicated and sometimes even painful- let me arm you with the tools you need to crush your sales process and bring you work into the world.

From de-tangling yourself emotionally from the work, to finding your customer, to what happens when someone doesn’t want to pay you- I give you the step by step sales process through the eyes and soul of a fellow artist. 

I'm Erin Bagwell the director of Dream, Girl. In our first year of business my team sold over 240+ community screening events around the world- but no one on my team was a trained sales professional and there are so many mistakes I made along the way.

I can't wait to share Creative Money (my e-book, videos, and coaching sessions) with you.



Creative Money is a 70 page e-book that's a must have for artists selling their work.



  • How to authentically tell your brand’s story

  • How to de-tangle yourself from the creative

  • Why you should treat the creative like a member of the team and how

  • Creating a salespersona to unleash your inner sales maven

  • What to do when someone doesn’t want to pay for your work

  • How to price your work plus how to identify your audience vs. your customer

  • Understanding your customers needs and the problem your business is solving

  • Where to find your customers

  • Building out your website’s sales page

  • What to do about discounts

  • Understanding and anticipating seasonal sales

  • Creating a sales routine

  • How to stalk people on your press dream board and get great PR

Interested in diving in?

Buy the Creative Money e-book online for just $12. 

Want a sneak peek? Click here to download Chapter 3: Selling Your Soul.