Production Skills

Creative brainstorming, planning, and execution of long and short form video and design content through producing, directing, editing, project managing.

  • Produced, directed, edited and wrote the Award Winning 62-minute documentary Dream, Girl. 
  • Hired and managed six all-female crew members for production as well as managed post-production team (sound, stop-motion animation contractors, and assistant editor) for the film.
  • Produced a 10 part web-series called ‘Your Moment of Ambition’that showcases the stories and interviews from Dream, Girl too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

Sales Strategy

Understanding who your audience is and doing a deep dive analysis of who your ideal customer profile is.

Shaping copy/imagery/ and marketing to reflect said customer.

Understand what the problem is you are solving for each customer and how to use that narrative over and over again in your brand to create more sales opportunities.

Example: Dream, Girl’s audience profiles:

  • The mentor: women 40-60 years old who have left corporate environment to start either their own businesses or their own tribes/networks. Their goal (what they spend money on) is to empower the next generation of leaders. They want to mentor and show young women the way.
  • Influencers: These are authors, life coaches, or IG stars that want to magnetize their audience to put on an event to promote their own products and services. The film is a sales tool for them.
  • Corporations (new!) HR companies who want to be able to have conversations around gender and inclusivity that are uplifting and where they don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Most of these types of events are screenings + Q&A where I can create a dialogue with the audience about how they can make their workplace more inclusive.

Shaping Your Founder Story

Understanding how to shape and use your personal narrative to promote your brand.

Zeroing in on your “why” - your personal mission statement of why you do the work you do.

Identifying a personal story that personifies that mission

  • Example: My mission is to create inclusive film and television but my “why” stems from being sexually harassed at my 9 to 5. Feeling marginalized at work pushed me to seek, be part of, and showcase the stories of women crushing it.

Narrowing down your personal branding highlights so that press/partnerships/etc know what to contact you about.

  • Example: Dream, Girl has been featured in Vogue, The Washington Post, UpWorthy, NYMag, I’ve partnered with TED & Clinique, and am part of Oprah’s SuperSoul100. Part of the reason we’ve gotten the great press we have is because I’m not shy about using my story to promote the brand.