Dream, Girl at The White House


Komal and I have been “power dreaming” since the ideation of this film. We are always thinking about the next step, the next goals to hit, and the next big moments to work towards.

We are fueled by feminism, coffee, and lots and lots of audacious dreams.

However there are some moments in your life, like premiering your first film at the White House, that you can’t truly imagine manifesting. You can put that post-it note on your vision board, and work like hell to make the best film possible.

But when you are sitting in the South Court Auditorium, sweating profusely while squeezing your mother’s hand as the lights go dim and your film begins, you can’t imagine it’s actually happening. You are just straight up existing, breathing, and thankful to be alive - crossing all your fingers and toes that the movie plays seamlessly and that you hit a couple of people in the heart with your message.

This past weekend we had one of those perfect days you can’t even imagine happening – when we premiered Dream, Girl at the White House.

Komal and I are so beyond grateful to have worked with The White House Council on Women and Girls & The National Women’s Business Council to have made this screening possible.

We also want to thank our family, friends, crew, and cast of the film for making this screening one of the most memorable days of our lives. It means the world to us to have you by our sides, and we thank you for your amazing support and dedication to Dream, Girl.

With our first screening officially complete, we feel the power of the movement building and know our mission to ignite women and girl’s leadership is just getting started!

Erin Bagwell