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How to Sell Your Soul: An Artists Guide to Self-Promotion


Over the past two years I have learned a lot about getting out of your own way to showcase and promote your work. Check out all my tips for finding your authentic sales voice in my new article for Feminist Wednesday. "When you open yourself up to following your dreams and claiming your story, you give others permission to do the same. And that’s all good art should be right? Allow other people to feel and be emotionally affected by it. Use your story to own your art." Read the full article at > ...

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My Story

Once Upon a Time… I was walking home from the Barclays center with my husband, crying about how much I hated my day job. I was working 9 to 5 as an interactive designer for a company that was totally archaic, feeling brought down by the doldrums of corporate culture, and frustrated with my career I wanted more with my life. At the time I was working on Feminist Wednesday, my feminist storytelling blog. I was finding real inspiration through the blog, interviewing and sharing women’s stories. But working on it after hours and in between...

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The Wink


I am really excited to be featured on Clinique's new blog #TheWink this month. They interviewed me about Dream, Girl/Feminist Wednesday and why I wanted to be a filmmaker: "At my all-girls Catholic high school in Buffalo, New York, I was assigned a short film project. My brother had a video camera, and since I was “the girl with the gear,” I led the team. We wrote a script, filmed it, and I edited in my basement. As we screened the film for class and the lights dimmed, I was terrified and excited at once. The...

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My Body, My Shame, My Voice: Rape and letting go of guilt


This month I made the decision to come clean about the shame and guilt I felt about the rape I experience in college. I called my mom and told her about the secret I had been hiding for eight years. And through that pain I feel strength. This is my story. "It’s time to stop being silent, and time to let myself heal. What happened to me never was or is my fault. And everyday that I shed light and love on this situation I give myself permission to move on. I am not alone, and...

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How to CRUSH Your Kickstarter Campaign


In the summer of 2014 I raised $100K on Kickstarter. Without a team, without a publicist, without any press experience- I doubled my crowdfunding goal. Learn how I made it happen! Online outreach is great but it’s also important to go to events and meet people in person to spread the word about your project. A beautiful email is fabulous but when someone can see your passion and drive face to face it opens a lot of doors. Read the full article at >...

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2015 Levo 100 Honoree


This September I was so honored to learn I was being named one of the Levo 100 in a creative field! "Levo 100 celebrates inspiring Millennials who are transforming the world as we know it. The Creatives category recognizes those who imagine—scientists, inventors, filmmakers, musicians, and all the forward-thinking innovators who shape the new." Thanks so much Levo for having me apart of this transformative group. Click here to link up via Levo. ...

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Why I’m Creating “Dream, Girl”


Dream, Girl was born out of a feminist blog and a 9 to 5 that left me creatively drained. Check out this article to learn how I got the spark to change my life. "But something magical happened during that year of blogging: I got to be in charge again, creatively and mentally. I got to plan my schedule when things would come out, how it would look, plans for innovation and grow. And I met other like minded women and female run start ups. All of a sudden not only was I not alone, I...

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Celebrating 1 Year of the Dream, Girl Kickstarter


I can't believe it's been 1 year since we launched the Dream, Girl kickstarter. Check out how it felt that Friday afternoon to hit our goal. "There aren’t really any words I can write that can truly express my thankfulness to our backers for this opportunity. There isn’t any anecdote or quote that sums up the loyalty, support, and power of having a group of fearless women and men throw down on a dream I have had my whole life. But there is one thing I can do, and that’s make a great freaking film." Read the...

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