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My Story

Once Upon a Time… I was walking home from the Barclays center with my husband, crying about how much I hated my day job. I was working 9 to 5 as an interactive designer for a company that was totally archaic, feeling brought down by the doldrums of corporate culture, and frustrated with my career I wanted more with my life. At the time I was working on Feminist Wednesday, my feminist storytelling blog. I was finding real inspiration through the blog, interviewing and sharing women’s stories. But working on it after hours and in between...

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Badass & Bare Podcast


"I mean, it is a job, it is work but I’m profiling five really amazing women in the film, and I’m telling you I’ve probably heard their stories hundreds if not thousands of times at this point and I continue to be inspired, I continue to laugh at the things they are saying- I’m so deeply in love with the women who we have chosen to be in the film, and knowing I get to release this soon is super motivating." Listen to my interview with Katie + Andrea on the Badass & Bare Podcast...

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20 Mile March Interview with Tony Ubertaccio

I will be honest- chatting with Tony Ubertaccio about Dream, Girl was one of my favorite interviews of all time. We got into the nitty gritty about Kickstarter, ‪#‎feminism‬, and why I want Dream, Girl to feel like the greatest dinner party you have ever been to. Watch the interview and learn more about Tony and the 20 Mile March Interviews here. "She’s exactly the type of modern-day hero our next generation of leaders needs to hear about. Make no mistake about it, Erin is a badass. Her entrepreneurial story, which starts way before the first...

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Be Real Podcast


Feeling really proud of the interview I did with Be Real Podcast. It was the first time I spoke openly about getting raped in college and to be honest was a bit overwhelming for me to listen to. But this is part of the healing process. Owning the narrative of happened, releasing myself from the shame and guilt of hiding it, and forgiving myself 💛 when we tell our story we give others permission to do the same. I feel so grateful to be supported and uplifted by all of you. Thanks for letting me...

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How to Sell Your Soul: An Artists Guide to Self-Promotion


Over the past two years I have learned a lot about getting out of your own way to showcase and promote your work. Check out all my tips for finding your authentic sales voice in my new article for Feminist Wednesday. "When you open yourself up to following your dreams and claiming your story, you give others permission to do the same. And that’s all good art should be right? Allow other people to feel and be emotionally affected by it. Use your story to own your art." Read the full article at > ...

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