Welcome Ginny Rose (New Video)

To celebrate the last eight months, I put together a personal video to remember some of my favorite moments of being pregnant. Take a peek into my nursery, see my bump photos, and watch a clip from our private gender reveal. Click above to watch!

Flipping through my journal this week one entry stuck out that captures this feeling more than any other.

I’ll leave it for you below.

November 28th, 2018

I’ve already learned so much from you.
To appreciate and love the power of my body.
To be present and not rush the process unfolding.
To let go of things that don’t serve me.
To prioritize friends that love and support me.
To appreciate all we have in this gorgeous city.
To be in awe of the mountains your father and I are already moving for you.
For giving me patience and for a deeper trust in divine timing.
For connecting me to my family’s roots and making me appreciate what my own parents went through.
For expanding my definition of abundance- for pushing me to earn more, to see money as a tool, to set bigger goals for myself.
For honoring Sal’s late mother by taking her name and for healing part of his identity that has been lost.
For making me more angry, more determined, and more motivated to fight for equality in the world.
For centering me and grounding me in moments of pain and ego.
For your taps, your love of chocolate milkshakes, for choosing me to be your mom.
You are already my greatest teacher.
I love you, and I can’t wait to meet you.


Written by Erin Bagwell
Copy edited by Diana Matthews

Erin Bagwell