My Chipwich Revelation


First off, I want to say thank you for your support of my last newsletter #whyididntreport.

So many of you reached out to let me know I wasn’t alone, and some of you even shared your own inspiring stories with me. I answer every email I receive so anytime you want to send over a note please don’t hesitate to reach out, I love hearing from you.

Last week I was feeling pretty sluggish with everything happening in the news. Although I’ve been meditating and making time to pull a tarot card and journal, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.

I had previously RSVP'd to a NY Women in Film & Television event about motherhood but wasn’t in the mood to make the trek into the city from Brooklyn. On the day of the event I went back and forth on my decision to attend. I thought since I was feeling tired maybe the best thing for me would be to lay on the couch and numb-out to The Real Housewives.

But the more I thought about it, the more I knew it would be good for me to get out of the house. Maybe a couple of hours in the hustle and bustle of Midtown would do me good. So I took the D train to Columbus Circle and made my way to the event.

For a couple of hours I listened to six women from the film and television industry talk about their experience with motherhood. Some of them had newborns, some of them had elementary school kids, and some of them had grown adults. They each shared their unique perspectives on the challenges they faced in the industry, but were candid and vulnerable with their advice on what worked as well.


I sat glued to my seat listening to these women, rubbing my pregnant belly, and taking lots of mental and physical notes.

My favorite piece of advice was from actress Tricia Paoluccio whose doula told her that children add to a family’s net worth. 

So often as women, we focus on what we are giving up by having kids, and the sacrifices we make in our careers to raise our children. But I love this idea of focusing on what we’re gaining- the joy, love, and inspiration children bring to the world is immeasurable and something not to be overlooked.

After the panel I chatted with the women in the room. They asked me when I was due, how I was feeling, and welcomed me to this new chapter of my life.

My heart felt so full. On the way to the train, I stopped for a chipwich and thought about how tired and drained I had felt earlier, compared to how seen and supported I felt in that moment.

It solidified for me the vital importance of in-person events and how they are my absolute favorite form of self-care. Connecting on social media is fun but it’s also removed. I need to be in the room where it happens to feel the uplifting power of human connection.

I’ve also traveled enough to know not everyone has the access to an in-person network of like-minded women. Which is why if this story speaks to your heart, I encourage you to build your own. If you are seeking it, chances are someone else in your community is seeking it too.

And if you need an excuse to bring together a group of women in your life, I hear Dream, Girl screening events are a great place to start.



Written by Erin Bagwell
Copy edited by Diana Matthews

Erin Bagwell