Cash in on my end-of-year Kris Jenner special

Hey- did you know I don’t work with a speaker agent to book jobs?

The 40+ events I’ve done alongside Dream, Girl over the last three years are all based on word of mouth! 

This year, due to the hustle and bustle of being a new mom, I’m just a little under my goal for events before we ring in 2020. 

Which is why I’d love to offer you a deal. This month only I’m offering you my end-of-year Kris Jenner special. 

Help me book an event before the New Year and I’ll give you 10% of my speaker fee- that’s $300 to $800 in your pocket depending on your location! 

The global sisterhood that’s rallied around this film is full of powerful women who have taken it upon themselves to bring the ambitious stories in Dream, Girl to their companies, schools, and communities where those inspirational messages spread like wildfire.


I’ve spoken at NASA, TIME, Chase, Ernst & Young, and at women’s organizations all over the world. I’d love to come to your community talk about the power of women in the workplace, vulnerability, leadership, and how we can be better allies to women at work.

Click here to view my speaker page on my website or click here to find my official speaker deck with pricing.

Questions, ideas, or contacts you want to pass my way? I’m happy to reach out if you have a name or organization you think I’d be a perfect fit for. Just email me at

Thanks so much for your help . I really appreciate you taking the time to help me crush my end of the year goals.



Written by Erin Bagwell
Copy edited by Diana Matthews

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