John Hughes Movie Soundtrack


Hi! I have some exciting news to share, my postpartum directorial debut is finally here! 

At the beginning of the summer I produced, directed, and edited the music video for EXNATIONS new song John Hughes Movie Soundtrack off their new record Pink Haze.


The video was shot in one night and had my husband Sal, his band, and our crew running all over Gowanus after Ginny’s bedtime.

It was an all night affair, but the result is gorgeous- our DP Max Nepstad and his AC Luis Trujillo did an incredible job capturing the moody, soft lights of a rainy Brooklyn night, while our leading lady Zoe Allocco elevated the story with her incredible dancing. 

I’m really proud of our whole music video team. I can’t wait for you to watch, listen, and fall in love with this 80's inspired anthem!

Tell me what you thought of the video! Does it make you nostalgic for your favorite 80s flick?


Written by Erin Bagwell
Copy edited by Diana Matthews

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