Creative Coaching Session with Erin

Creative Coaching Session with Erin


Following your dreams- whether it's making a movie, writing a book, or launching into the unknown takes guts and the right support.

When I first started working on Dream, Girl the biggest challenge I faced wasn't logistics or meeting deadlines, it was the emotional hangover of running full speed in the direction of my wildest dreams.

Battling self-sabotage, not being able to take the time to appreciate what we were creating, and becoming overwhelmed about selling my soul where all narratives I created to block myself from success. And honestly, when you are a small team, working 24/7, and building something from the ground up--- that's pretty normal.

This path isn't easy, and there sure as hell aren't any guidebooks to help you get where you are going. But there is one thing that's totally transformed my entrepreneurial and creative process and that was getting help.

You don't have to go it alone.

My intention is simple- to offer you the support and guidance you need to not only uplift you on your journey, but to crush it.  

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