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Following your dreams- whether it's making a movie, writing a book, or launching into the unknown takes guts and the right support.

When I first started working on Dream, Girl the biggest challenge I faced wasn't logistics or meeting deadlines, it was the emotional hangover of running full speed in the direction of my wildest dreams.

Battling self-sabotage, not being able to take the time to appreciate what we were creating, and becoming overwhelmed about selling my soul where all narratives I created to block myself from success. And honestly, when you are a small team, working 24/7, and building something from the ground up--- that's pretty normal.

This path isn't easy, and there sure as hell aren't any guidebooks to help you get where you are going. But there is one thing that's totally transformed my entrepreneurial and creative process and that was getting help.

You don't have to go it alone.

My intention is simple- to offer you the support and guidance you need to not only uplift you on your journey, but to crush it.  


coaching for the artistic entrepreneur

For creatives by a creative.

Your work is a meaningful and vital part of your life- it fuels and speaks to you. To connect on a creative level is a refreshing and revitalizing component to creating. Feel seen in the work you are doing, and let it re-energize you to keep going.


Let's light it up.

Strategy, marketing, and business development turn me on.  I'm obsessed with plotting the world domination of any product or campaign I believe in. Let's work together to prioritize your goals, clarify your long-game intentions, and make sure the path you are on is where you want to be.


Sales with soul.

Vulnerability as an artist is non-negotiable and selling your work is a totally insane experience. Let's make sure you have all the tools to get you soaring.


Hi, I'm Erin the Director of Dream, Girl and the Founder of Feminist Wednesday

I'm currently obsessed with Miss Piggy (I bought her book Miss Piggy's Guide to Life recently on amazon), Ru Paul's Drag Race, and trying to stay off facebook since the news is so bonkers lately.


my expertiSe

  • I'm a creative maven.
    I produced, directed, edited (and designed the brand) for Dream, Girl the documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs that premiered in May 2016 at the White House. I've been making movies, telling stories, and creating art for as long as I can remember. It's an integral part of my identify, and I'm obsessed with talking to, and connecting with other creatives. In addition to working full time on Dream, Girl I also run a feminist storytelling blog called Feminist Wednesday, and am a co-host of Feminist Wednesday's podcast BeaverTalk.

  • I hate selling my own film, but I'm really good at it.
    In our first year of sales Dream, Girl booked over 240+ community screening events, and I paid for over a dozen in-person events. It's not easy to sell something you are so passionate about, but I've learned some critical takeaways about how to make it work.

  • Marketing is everything.
    The way you speak to your audience, the imagery you are sharing, and the copy you use to speak to your tribe is essential to building anything. Through our unique voice (and learning how to share my story) Dream, Girl has been featured in Vogue, The Washington Post, TED, The Huffington Post, and my production partner Komal and I were hand-selected to be on Oprah's SuperSoul100, a list of influential game-changers in their industries. I've worked with a handful of PR people, but I always end of firing them because I know our audience, I know our goals, and I'm always 100% more successful at getting what I want for our film. You don't need a fancy team to help you get to your goals, you just need to hone your voice and be crystal clear about where you want your work to resonate. 


Ready to Run?

I only have two rules.

(ONE) I only work with creatives who are ready to dive in and do the work. Building a creative endeavor is a monstrous task, and isn't for the meek. If you aren't ready to jump all in, get at me when you are ready to rule your universe. 

My clients are:

  • Creatives: painters, animators, and designers
  • Filmmakers: producers, directors, editors
  • Life-coaches, speakers, influencers, and gals who are trying to build their public persona
  • Writers, bloggers, and storytellers
  • People with passion and a mission to make the world a better place through their work

(TWO) I only take jobs that I can offer insight and value. I want my time to deeply resonate and uplift what you are doing, and I won't take any coaching jobs that are our of my scope or expertise.

Pricing details:

  • $80 / 45 minutes via skype
  • $120 / 60 min in-person

Questions? Email me at erin@dreamgirlfilm.com