a gal's guide to making a movie



My name is Erin Bagwell and I’m the director of Dream, Girl, a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Since our premiere at the White House in May 2016, Dream, Girl has been seen by over 25K people in 81 different countries. Our story has been shared all over the globe, but my favorite part of the Dream, Girl journey continues to be the creative conversations I have with people while touring with the film.

In Ottawa, Canada, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau attended a public screening of Dream, Girl and participated in a Q&A following the film. After the event, we chatted and met with the incredible audience that came out to support us. 

One woman came up and introduced me to her daughter. She told me they had never met a filmmaker before and my heart skipped a beat. I would be the first director this girl had ever met in real life, and when she grew up I hoped she would remember meeting me. 

When we think of film directors and CEOs, we typically think of men and I hoped our meeting would make the filmmaking process feel more relatable and attainable for her.

This got me thinking; what if sharing my story could inspire just one girl to take her creative prowess more seriously. What is she could see herself in my journey and in turn, feel confident in pursuing her own dreams?

That’s why I want to activate, encourage, inspire, and educate women and girls alike on the rewarding process of filmmaking in “A Gal’s Guide to Making a Movie.” 

Through this series, we will see the step-by-step process of making a movie, from ideation to completion including all the mistakes, wins, and unexpected moments that happen along the way.