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My Story

Once Upon a Time…

I was walking home from the Barclays center with my husband, crying about how much I hated my day job. I was working 9 to 5 as an interactive designer for a company that was totally archaic, feeling brought down by the doldrums of corporate culture, and frustrated with my career I wanted more with my life. At the time I was working on Feminist Wednesday, my feminist storytelling blog. I was finding real inspiration through the blog, interviewing and sharing women’s stories. But working on it after hours and in between my job wasn’t enough. My day job was suffocating me and I had to get out.

So walking home that cold winter night I decided to take the leap, quit my job, and launch myself into the total unknown. All I knew was that I wanted to work on uplifting and sharing women’s stories full time. What I didn’t know was that after that decision my life would change forever.

Sitting in my living room having coffee one unemployed morning after that big decision another light bulb went on, it said: “documentary: female entrepreneurs”. I produced a 34 minute documentary in college my senior year and I always wanted to produce a feature length film. Because I had met so many female entrepreneurs through Feminist Wednesday I knew I could put that story together on film. I knew the initial struggle of wanting to do it yourself, and I always wanted to start my own company. So I put together a Kickstarter campaign with a trailer of the film I wanted to produce. That trailer, thanks to lots of coffee, networking events, meetings, and Marie Forleo raised over $100K. Then things got really crazy.

Over the past two and a half years I hired an all-female crew, interviewed over a dozen entrepreneurs, met my co-founder Komal, pitched my first angel investor, edited my first feature length film and premiered Dream, Girl on May 26th, 2016 at the White House.

This site is the home base for all the things swirling around in my universe; there is some Feminist Wednesday articles, some Dream, Girl videos, some BeaverTalk podcasts, some backup singing! It’s all the stuff that makes me come alive. I hope you enjoy checking it out.




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